Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fetish Branding - No not that kind!

Some well-known brands using fetish imagery to spice up their advertising campaigns - well sex sells! And of course, they know exactly how titillating a little kink is to the mainstream. All 100% genuine.

BASS ALE - In a world of strange tastes, there's always Bass Ale; YARDLEY - Stay Fast, Locked In, No Budge Lipstick; SAXO VTS - It's extraordinary what young ladies are getting in to these days; ALTOIDS - Ve have vays ov making you talk Curiously Strong Mints; CARRERA - Rubber, chains & pain. You'll love it; GUINNESS - Not Everything in black & white makes sense.

And, check out these television ads: Play Ad 1 Shoemanic - Very sexy Play Ad 2 Carling Beer Play Ad 3 Pot Noodle Play Ad 4 Dunlop Tyres Play Ad 5 Pistachios Play Ad 6 Penguin Peppermints

KITKAT - Have a break, have a kitkat; BODDINGTONS - (Whipped) Cream of Manchester; ALTOIDS - Pleasure in Pain/The Curiously Strong Mints; SMIRNOFF - Gym workout or torture? PURDEYS - Punishing Day? Redemption health drink; CIF - For all kinds of shiny surfaces.

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