Sunday, 28 February 2010

Femdom with a Twist

A photo of Mistress Vixen from the Mansion movie Ponyboy Punishment was used on Femdom Twist a femdom fan site with wry & humourous montages of dominant women - so why not take a look, we loved the Femdom Golf & Yodel Collection.

Plus - You can see more of Mistress Vixen here - she's available for Prodom sessions and has her own members site.

Come and serve Femdom Bitches at The English Mansion - Where women use men for their pleasure!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

February 2010 - Vixen's Shocking Spree

Meet the divine Mistress Vixen - she's beautiful, but she's a bitch, so beware if you find yourself at her mercy, you're going to suffer - all the while watching the pleasure your pain brings her. She's a master of inventive cruelty, recently, in one of our movies Never Anger your Mistress she put her slave in chastity and then made him eat the key!

And, here in the movie Vixen's Shocking Spree she was no less devious, after attaching a plethora of pulse electric toys, she wired her slave up to a sound activated electric device, now every time she raised her voice he would suffer, and of course the more he cried out the more he tortured himself - now that did bring a huge smile to her wicked face.

Vixen's Shocking Spree is NOW SHOWING

The Delights of BDSM Electric Play

What is so wonderful about electric play? I like how painful you can make them with out marking your slave and leaving any mess (like wax). Plus there's the advantage of being able to torment your slave from afar without even touching them, you can leave them tied up and plugged in! (There are some devices that now work over the WWW). Or perhaps it the control you have to make your victim spunk on command.

At the English Mansion some of the electric/ electro stimulation boxes we use are the: - PES device; EMS systems; Eros Tec ET312 & Remote controlled ET302R boxes; TENS Units; Electro body/muscular massage devices (adapted Slender Tones machines); Nimbus Violet Wand; E-Stim system Box 1; and a number of home-made devices, including electrics prods and an electric CP wand. Watch electric torment movie trailers @ The English

You can see more of Mistress Vixen here - she's available for Prodom sessions and has her own members site

Come and serve Femdom Bitches at The English Mansion - Where women use men for their pleasure!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fetish Branding - No not that kind!

Some well-known brands using fetish imagery to spice up their advertising campaigns - well sex sells! And of course, they know exactly how titillating a little kink is to the mainstream. All 100% genuine.

BASS ALE - In a world of strange tastes, there's always Bass Ale; YARDLEY - Stay Fast, Locked In, No Budge Lipstick; SAXO VTS - It's extraordinary what young ladies are getting in to these days; ALTOIDS - Ve have vays ov making you talk Curiously Strong Mints; CARRERA - Rubber, chains & pain. You'll love it; GUINNESS - Not Everything in black & white makes sense.

And, check out these television ads: Play Ad 1 Shoemanic - Very sexy Play Ad 2 Carling Beer Play Ad 3 Pot Noodle Play Ad 4 Dunlop Tyres Play Ad 5 Pistachios Play Ad 6 Penguin Peppermints

KITKAT - Have a break, have a kitkat; BODDINGTONS - (Whipped) Cream of Manchester; ALTOIDS - Pleasure in Pain/The Curiously Strong Mints; SMIRNOFF - Gym workout or torture? PURDEYS - Punishing Day? Redemption health drink; CIF - For all kinds of shiny surfaces.

Watch femdom movie trailers @ The English

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Free Femdom Porn!

The gorgeous Goddess Lexi Sindel

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Why I love a man in bondage by Mistress Sidonia

What is it about a hooded guy in elaborate bondage that makes me so wet and hot, it's always been one of my absolute favourite kinks. I guess, I like having them totally at my mercy – using, teasing, tormenting and making them suffer. Watching them squirm, making them beg, but ultimately knowing I have control over their total being. It also dehumanises them, once tied and hooded they're a just new toy, existing to serve me, nothing more.

This HD Movie is Now Showing
It's also my preferred way to have sex, I like to tie up men and fuck them or force my wet cunt and arsehole into their little gaping mouths. I like to be on top to fuck, I like to take what I want, how I want it - that's why I love men hooded in a sack turning them in to nothing more than a mouth and cock. A kind of human sex toy, much better than a vibrator - I'd much rather have a real turgid, warm cock any day; and with a guy dehumanised in bondage that's all he is - something to be used and abused. I don't give a thought to his pleasure because that's not why he exists. I do let slaves cum as a reward - or I may just spoil it at the end with a 'ruined orgasm', as I enjoy their suffering and it reminds them of the power I have. Some slaves do need to be regularly milked (they're just like cows really) to keep them compliant. Others work so much harder with the promise of release as a possibility.
And here are two HD Movies Coming Soon to The English Mansion

Girls-on-Top Bondage Movies @ The English MansionJust a few movies, now showing inside, where men are tied, teased and used for sex

Come and serve Femdom Bitches at The English Mansion - Where women use men for their pleasure!