Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Training Slavegirl Suzie

Training a male slave to associate sexual pleasure with pain...soon just the pain will make him hard.
I have been coming up with some demanding and devious uses of my favourite personal slavegirl, Suzie. I love to use her as a teasing toy, to humiliate my poor male slaves, they are so eager to have some of her attention that I can manipulate them with ease into performing perverted acts and taking stern punishment. Some very lucky slaves get to feel her tight pussy on their controlled cocks, but they are just being used for my amusement and usually end up even more frustrated when denied an orgasm or even worse, given a cruel ruined orgasm. Subgirl Suzie is kept in her position of servitude to me, which is enforced by my strict training programs and by using her for my personal servicing needs and she is amply rewarded by being allowed to orgasm repeatedly when she is good. So watch out slaveboys you're going to be seeing lots more of my personal slavegirl Suzie.

How frustrating being finally allowed to fuck the Mistress's slavegirl - but only with a strap on with your cock locked in a chastity cage beneath - watching the suffering on the slaveboy's face was such a turn on.

A lesbian cuckold scene where your wife fucks the girl next door - who you fancy, over your face, you're told to wank but they just keep stopping you from cuming, all the while laughing.

Turned into a human vibrator and pussy licking machine

Pissed on and fucked by the Mistress & her slavegirl

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